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Pandora’s Smile Book Release

Atualizado: 7 de mai. de 2021

The author's first book in English

he was much more famous than the currently known Eve.

However, the pages of her lost past were recited long before, in pre-Hellenic tales, when the Hebrew people had not even appeared yet, immortalizing another female character in her place as the mother of a new generation of humans on Earth.

Her memory has survived inside a myth, although her long existence has been a source of annoyance and surprises, not only for Zeus and the entire generation of Olympian gods, but also for the Titans, whose genealogy she was forced to associate with, when she became the "companion" of Epimetheus, brother of Prometheus, the two titans who took care of the "human pets" they had created.

It is Pandora's turn again, but she now brings another kind of “box" that only appears to contain revelations of episodes that need to be rescued because of a cosmic drama that is far from being over.

The voice of her strange personality, her unique way of telling this story, lost in a strange and perverse past, is now echoing from the unknown to the present, so it can be revealed to her descendants. The end of her silence begins!

Jan Val Ellam

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